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Newsletter 13 - 21st September

Welcome to the final newsletter for the 2018 season. Last night we held the wind up for the Open Rules competition at the Kingsley clubrooms. In my opening address, I discussed how we’d measure the success of a season in junior football. For the committee, it’s a combination of participation, player development and enjoyment. I’m a strong believer that if you have many players, developing their skills and enjoying their football, then on-field success will follow as a natural by-product.

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Subiaco Family Fun Day

The Subiaco Family Fun Day was on again this weekend and thankfully the weather gods were smiling upon us. Predicted poor weather held off for the entire afternoon making for a fun day. Thank you to all the families who made the effort to come down and represent Kingsley on the day.

Highlight of the day was between the Yr 6 half time game experience and our President half time relay race. I can proudly say Hamish ran his best and did us proud at KJFC, our relay team came a close second to Warwick Greenwood. The highlight for the day however was definitely the Yr 6 WAFL League half time game experience. Our Yr 6 team was privileged to be recognised as the 4th Subiaco team for the day and be fully kitted out in Subiaco team attire. (colts, league and women make the other three Subiaco teams).

Our Yr 6 boys were taken into the league change rooms, where they got to see the inner sanctum of the Subiaco Football Club. Able to watch in very close proximity to the League players warming up and coaching staff preparing for a very convincing win over East Fremantle. A fun half time game out on Leederville Oval saw our Yr 6's display their skills in front of the game day WAFL crowd. A big thank you to our Subiaco little league coordinator Kevin Hill, who clearly loves the experience he shares with the boys.

A fantastic day out for all.

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The AFL has spent the last few years reviewing the AusKick program and this year have begun rolling out the new AusKick 2.0 program to clubs in Western Australia. This year we'll be implementing AusKick 2.0 program for our Pre-primary players and continue with the previous program for year 1 and 2 players.

Scott Herbert the AusKick Coordinator ( will contact parents with more information on the new program for Pre Primary players soon.

AusKick sessions this year will still run similar to last year; however, the first session will be AusKick 2.0 for Pre Primary players and the second session will be for year 1 and 2.

  • Session 1: Pre Primary – 8:00am to 9:00am
  • Session 2: Year 1 and Year 2 – 9:10 am to 10:20am

A reminder that AusKick does not have formal training as per formal AFL guidelines.

Warwick Senior High School - Specialist Australia Rules Football Program

Warwick Senior High School is hosting an information evening on a Dept of Education approved and WAFL endorsed Specialist Australia Rules Football Program. The information night is aimed at Year 5 and Year 6 students and are hosted on the 19th March.

For full information please see the attached

Kidsport Payments Update

We have now opened up online registrations to KidSport user for all age groups. However please read and follow these instructions carefully; it will save the club volunteer’s valuable time.

  • Apply for your Kidsport Voucher; do not register your child until you receive it
  • Visit the correct link to register your child and enter in your voucher when prompted
  • Pay any shortfall online
  • Email with your Kidsport voucher, child’s name, DOB and Footyweb Number. We are required to invoice Kidsport to receive the funds and need the voucher number; it isn’t provided to us.
    • If you were unable to pay any shortfall online then please request the clubs bank account details in this email or attend rego Day

Some AusKick parents have been able to register using their KidSport Voucher already. Please email this voucher number to and include the child’s name, DOB and Footyweb Number.

Canteen Volunteer Required

As per our review of the 2017 season we will be making some changes to the 2018 canteen operation. We will also be reviewing the parent volunteer requirements on a Sunday; while this won’t be changing significantly it will form part of the discussion for any future canteen volunteer.

The canteen is very important in both providing a game day service to members and visitors of the Kingsley JFC but also in raising funds for the club. As such we require a person(s) who is willing to work with the committee in both the operation of the canteen and development of the menu.

While this position will be mostly autonomous the committee reserves the right to have final say on the menu and the operation of the canteen if we consider it in the best interests of the club.

Hours of operation will be Saturday mornings AusKick and Sundays throughout the normal home and away season. Additional time may also be required outside this time in ordering and collecting stock.

A full role description can be found here on our clubs website.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further then please contact or .

Registration News

Hello All,

I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday period. The football season is almost here and there are a number of important items to be addressed.

As always please read the document “IMPORTANT INFORMATION 2018” in its entirety to avoid errors which will cost yourself and our club volunteers much time. Link below.

Registrations are open and as with last year, the process will be online. While the move to online payments should make life easier for most there will be pitfalls for some families. Once again I stress the importance of reading this document and digesting its contents. If you need assistance with online registrations we will be holding our registration day on the 25th of February where you can get further assistance.


  • KIDSPORT: Do not attempt online registration with Kidsport; read attached document.
  • YEAR 3 PLAYERS: You are NOT playing AusKick this year; read attached document.
  • AusKick Registrations: They were meant to open automatically by the AFL today; they haven’t; please check back regularly.

What’s covered in the document below:

  • Important Dates
  • Committee News
  • AusKick – Pre-Primary to Year 2
  • Modified Rules – Year 3 to Year 6
  • Girls Competitions
  • Registration Day – 25th Feb 2018
  • Registration Fees
  • Registrations Instructions 2018
  • Kidsport Payments
  • Family Discounts for Multiple Children and Auskick Registration Issue
  • YearBooks 2018 and Merchandise

Important Dates

  • Thursday 1st Feb – Online Registrations Open
  • Sunday 25th Feb – Registration Day – 2-5pm @ Clubrooms
  • Saturday 28th April – Auskick Begins
  • Sunday 29th April – Mods/Open Rules
  • As with all football seasons I’m sure we will hit snags and struggles with technology and registrations along the way. None of these things will stop your children playing football so please be patient with your club and let’s have an enjoyable season.

    Please now refer to this document: IMPORTANT INFORMATION 2018

    Click here to register.

    Hamish Borthen
    Kingsley Junior Football Club