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  • Girls Youth
    Round 9 | Girls Youth (15.12.102) V Kingsway Teal (02.01.13)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Jazmyn Hay
    Jessica Rae
    Mia Brown
    Madison Halliday
    Claire Sedlarczuk
    Coaches Comments

    he first game back after the school holidays showed just how well the girls have developed their skills over the season so far. Accurate kicking, and effective passing and defending, resulted in the girls dominating for most of the game. It was a great game to watch.

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  • Year 4
    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 4 Alleycats V Kingsway Black
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Jack Hewitt
    Joshua Detata
    Joshua Hunt
    Jack Hewitt x 4
    Joshua Detata x 2
    Liam Ferriera x 1
    Alex Puca x 1
    Coaches Comments

    What an outstanding game to finish off the year. After being soundly beaten by this side the first time we played them, we knew it was going to be a tough game.
    Although we had most of the play throughout the game we didn't take advantage of it and allowed them too much space on the rebound and they punished us and headed into 3 quarter time with a 27 point lead.
    At the huddle I asked the boys to dig deep and put in a massive effort to see out the year and they did just that.
    We outscored the opposition 29 points to 1 in the final term to snatch a thrilling 1 point win.
    Clearly the highlight of the season and it was great to see the boys reaction after being rewarded for their efforts.
    Individually & collectivelly everyone has improved massively however there is still a lot of room for improvement in all aspects of the game.
    It has been an absolute pleasure coaching you guys this season and I look forward to next year.
    Enjoy the break lads, you deserve it.

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 4 Cats V Sorrento Duncraig Lions
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Jackson Miller
    Harry Borthen
    Hunter Fitzpatrick
    Jason Mindaides
    Harry Borthen
    William Austin-Crowe
    Alex Blackley
    Coaches Comments

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 4 Lions V Sorrento Duncraig Sharks
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Luca L'Abbate
    Lachlan Swinbourne
    Kristian Pugh
    George Scoble
    Luca L'Abbate
    Jayden Willcocks
    Jett Morrow
    Coaches Comments

    For the final game of the season the Lions faced a fired up Sorrento Duncraig Sharks on their home turf in blustery conditions. The physical tone of the game was set early with both sides having a solid go at the ball. The Lions suffered a few injuries with midfielder Aiden D'Amico rolling an ankle after a very promising start to the game which was a big blow to the team. The boys rallied though and Kristian Pugh and George Scoble rose to the challenge with several key attacks on the contested ball. Whilst dominating the possession we were unable to get value for effort on the scoreboard and let a few cheap goals be scored in turn overs. As the game wore on the Lions continued to apply the pressure and Luca L'Abbate added some major scores with Lachlan Swinbourne repelling the ball across half back. A fantastic team performance which showed how far the boys have come this season. Thanks to all the players and parents for a great season, we hope to see everyone back again next year.

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 4 Tigers V Kingsway (White)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Max Laver
    Jack Downey
    Cooper Prideaux
    Lockie Nolan
    Cooper Prideaux
    Sean Smiles
    Scott Rae 1
    Jacob Boots 1
    Tait Higgs 1
    Dylan Sindall 1
    Coaches Comments

    Great way to finish off the season boys with an outstanding effort! The ball was slippery with the dew which accounts for our slight inaccuracy, but we fought hard for the ball when the game was on the line.
    Lockie was a live-wire in the middle and up forward peppering the goals. And both Sean and Cooper did some brilliant things in defence and battled all game.
    Also well done to Jacob Boots and Dylan Sindall who kicked majors early on which gave us momentum. Jordan took a couple of timely marks to stop them going forward, Tait and Scott roved the ball well and both kicked goals just when we needed them.
    Thanks to everyone at the club, the parents for all their efforts and the boys for a great season! We'll see you all next year!!

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  • Year 5
    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 5 Cats V Year 5 Tigers
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Austyn Smith
    Daniel Evans
    Hayden Burt
    Luca Turkovic
    Coaches Comments

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 5 Lions V Sorrento Duncraig Lions
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Riley x7
    Brooklyn x3
    Stephan x2
    Coaches Comments

    Today our last game of the season against Sorrento Duncraig Lions was a challange in the first half. We were made to work hard and chase with Sorrento using the ball well and having unmarked players. We fought back well and took our opportunities in front of goals. The second half the boys took the game by the scruff of the neck and dominated with good football by all the boys, also by some outstanding runs and goals by individual players. Was a good game by all and a great season.

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    Round 15 | Kinsley Year 5 Tigers V Kingsley Year 5 Cats
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Ethan Maroney
    Saxon Paul
    Rory McLoughlin
    Taj Farmer x 2
    James Downe
    Adam Batchem
    Kaleb White
    Coaches Comments

    A great game to end the 2017 Season, with great rivalry and team spirit seen from both teams. I'd say this has been my favourite game this season with both teams enjoying the occasion and any competitiveness kept to friendly rivalry.
    Really proud of the boys and how they have progressed their skills this season, Ethan Maroney had his best game of the season and fought hard throughout the game with Saxon and Rory both putting in great efforts. 2 suburb goals from Taj who had an absolute cracker of a game!
    Well done Tigers, see you in 2018!

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  • Year 6
    Round 2 | Kingsley Year 6 Cats V Sorrento Duncraig Dolphins
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Blake Glover
    Jordan Young
    Kaiden Bidwell
    Mitchell Trimboli
    Bailey Brown
    Coaches Comments

    Tried hard against a well drilled team, had moments of great teamwork but largely a tough day out. Welcome and congrats on a good first up game to Kafil.

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 6 Lions V Sorrento Duncraig Tigers
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    The Entire Year 6 Lions Team
    J. Timbrell - 2 Goals
    A. Drewett - 2 Goals
    X. Hickey - 1 Goal
    Coaches Comments

    Today the boys played their last game for the season and the sunny weather turned it on again for them.
    The Year 6 Lions started the game strong and ran hard the first quarter and slotted some goals however then dropped off the next 2 quarters and really let Sorrento back in the game.
    After a couple of panicked quarters with many more points than goals scored the boys rallied together for the final quarter, dug in and pushed hard to finish the season strong and one they can feel really proud of.
    Great game against quality opposition.
    Great season KJFC Year 6 Lions

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    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 6 Tigers V Kingsway Black
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Ben Vose
    Eoin Haynes
    Jakob Waylen
    Dylan Edwards
    Alex McHenry
    Cam McHenry
    Ben Vose (2)
    Tom Smiles (2)
    Zade Matta (1)
    Mitchell Morris (1)
    Alex McHenry (1)
    Eoin Haynes (1)
    Hayden Arrah (1)
    Noah Johnson (1)
    Coaches Comments

    What a way to finish the year!
    Our first quarter was phenomenal dominating every contest and setting the tone for the day. Continued the effort in second quarter but after such a great first half ran out of a little bit of steam towards end as the season draws to a close. Real team effort.

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  • Year 7
    Round 10 | Kingsley Year 7 Cats (02.02.14) V Marist Black(11.05.71)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    James Evans
    James Logan
    Tenzin Pepper
    Reuben Maishman
    Zac Hewitt
    James Evans
    Coaches Comments

    The team learnt a valuable lesson today. If you don't turn up ready to play you get blown off the field in the first quarter. 8 unanswered goals before we even looked ready....
    What was pleasing was the way we went about the football game after half time. Man on Man, contest by contest and going the ball not the man. Looked like a total different team.

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  • Year 8
    Round 15 | Kingsley Year 8 Cats (09.01.55) V Quinns Lightning (09.08.62)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Xavier Lloyd
    Adam Gray
    Ben Johnson
    Aydan Nolan
    Jayden Tassell
    Harry Burt
    Alex Hardiman
    Coaches Comments

    We have worked so hard all season to get to the position we are in. It was such a shame that we lost today and the premiership is slipping from our fingers.
    We need to train hard this week and re-group to have a good run at finals.

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    Round 1 | Kingsley Year 8 Lions (00.00.00) V
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

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  • Year 9
    Round 14 | Kingsley Year 9 Cats (11.12.78) V Wembley Downs Blue (02.07.19)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Peter Coles
    Jack deMarte
    Sam Cook
    Olly Dijkstra
    Daniel Fazari

    Coles 4
    Morris 3
    Baxter 2
    J DeMarte and Blackwell 1
    Coaches Comments

    A very good win by the boys yesterday. Structures and instructions that we talked about during the week were followed, and the intensity and pressure on the opposition were as good as we've seen all year, but more pleasing was that we maintained that pressure for 4 quarters. That's 4 wins on the trot - well done boys!

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  • Year 10
    Round 13 | Kingsley Year 10 Cats (08.10.90) V Sorrento Duncraig Hawks (07.05.47)
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Josh Shaddick
    Galen Savigni
    Aussi Popovski
    Matt Lowndes
    Josh Morris-Parmer
    Aussi Popovski 5
    Sean Kirk 1
    Jameson Chivers 1
    Shay Paulsen 1
    Coaches Comments

    Great four quarter effort by the boys for the second win of the season.

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