Results | Year 4 Kingsley Leopards

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  • Round 4
    Kingsley Leopards V Kingsway
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Jack 3
    Sebastian 1
    Luke m 1
    Tom 2
    Evan 1
    Fin 1
    Logan 1
    Daniel 1
    Jaylen 1
    Coaches Comments

    Another perfect day for football.
    We were a few players down & playing a new opponent so I wasn’t shore what to expect . 1st quarter we started well kicking 3 straight in the first 5 minutes & then kingsway fought back with 2 good goals of there own.
    From then on we played our best football of the year with every player getting involved. There was excellent talk with players calling players back if they saw an opponent loose. Players holding there positions well even when the ball didn’t go down there end. The link up play with handballs & run really broke the congestion open with a lot of end to end passages of play from both teams which was a pleasure to watch. a 60 point win was the end result.

  • Round 2
    Kingsley Leopards V Stirling
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Luke S
    Coaches Comments

    Another very impressive display in very trying conditions There was a lot of contested ball which if we didn't win The players behind the ball held there positions well so they could pump the ball back in. The opposition were undermanned so thanks to everyone who played in there team for trying your best.

  • Round 1
    Kingsley Leopards V Kingsley Tigers
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

    Well done today for a very impressive team effort. Keep up the good work