Results | Year 4 Kingsley Lions

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  • Round 4
    Kingsley Year 4 Lions V Kingsway White
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Tyson Gilmore
    Kai Collins
    Jake Smith
    Aiden Dunn
    Xavier De Haas
    Jake S/Kai - 2 each
    Tyson/Nash/Aiden - 1 each
    Coaches Comments

    It was a pleasure to step in as coach whilst Terry was away. Players responded well to specific instructions regarding tackling. Boys all played strong and well.
    Could work on marking up in the back line a bit better.
    A couple of players had small niggling injuries but nothing requiring treatment.

  • Round 3
    Kingsley Year 4 Lions V Sorrento Duncraig Dolphins
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Ben - 3
    Blair -1
    Coaches Comments

    Very close game where both teams played excellent football. No major injuries. Great focus on defence this week and the boys showed their skill improvement in this area. A great game to watch.

  • Round 1
    Kingsley Year 4 Lions V Carine Cougars
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Jake Smith
    James George
    Daniel Brightwell
    Blair Lindorf
    Phoenix Kajmakoski
    Oliver Newham - 2
    Brayden Miller - 2
    James George - 2
    Phoenix K - 1
    Daniel Brightwell - 1
    Ruari Morris - 1
    Xavier De Haas - 1
    Coaches Comments

    The boys played a fair, clean game. It was exciting to watch the dedication and commitment they had to going in and get the ball. Lots to work on but a very solid foundation.
    No injuries identified.