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  • Round 4
    Kingsley Year 5 Cats V Warwick Greenwood Green
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

    We went into the game with a couple missing Hayden and Fingers Lewy, great to see you were there to support your mates well done. Captain Cavas after a good couple weeks on the track led us with starting in the middle. Game on and Kyle stood tall up against a giant and set the scene for a tough clash. It took us until the second qtr to get momentum and get the ball forward. Our backline was holding on to relentless entries, I was pleased we were trying a lot better to finding a player. In the backline. Warwick set up well behind the ball and a handful of very talented young footballers finding plenty of it. Kyle went down before halftime after getting another knock to the hip. Alex was battling hard and looked like he needed a break after having 2 players on him all the time. In the 3rd Qtr Kingsley showed great spirit led by Jamie with blistering runs and linking up with some handballs unfortunately we couldn’t get the goals we deserve. More injuries with Eli coming off with troublesome thumb. His positive and constructive instructions were missed and we let a few goals in as the pressure lifted. Rotations in last become nil with a big hit on Harry who needed to be carried off, made coaches job easy in ensuring everyone had a run. End the we were outclassed by a very good team.
    Some great improvements from players starting with the captain Cavas, Fitsy, Jamie. Special mention to Kyle, Jason and Alex who week in week out put their heads over the ball and try give us first use of the ball.
    On another note. Little bit disappointed in some of our players reacting to on field niggle and starting to provoke the opposition. I will address the boys as this it is a non negotiable and if in the future they will be taken off and potentially missing games. Can you please be responsible for talking to your sons that it is hard fought competition with focus on the ball and only discussing is positive to your teammates.

  • Round 3
    Kingsley Year 5 Cats V Kingsway Black
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

    Firstly Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums thanks for your support for all the boys
    There was early talk about playing the best player in the league and we were pleased to see him sit on the bench to start the game. Kingsway started strong kicking 2 early goals. As always we rallied and Hunter was unlucky to not be rewarded with a goal after some really determined efforts. Big Will showed his versatility getting in the right areas down back taking some strong grabs and using his team skills to find Jackson Gos in the open with a great hand pass which led to our first goal. Second qtr was a battle but our lack of intent down back and concentration we left Kingsway all on their own and easy goals were scored. Going into halftime there were plenty of pleasing efforts seeing Fitzy going in hard getting the ball and clearing defence was great. Jason your complete domination of their best player when he came on was awesome, he had his colours lowered and after a great effort from Alex who started to find plenty of the ball, frustration showed when he ditched the ball back to Alex. Second half was pretty much the same no coaches pep talks working this week and we drifted further away. Take nothing away from Kingsway they had a good spread of players and played for each other. Hopefully the boys learn from the game, need to take leadership look after each other and use each other. We appear to occupied just getting the ball turning round and booting to know one in particular. Kyle was a great captain today giving good positive instruction well done buddy.
    See you all at training

  • Round 2
    Kingsley Year 5 Cats V Warwick - Greenwood Red
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

    Our first home game welcomed back Alex from holiday and Eli came in under an injury cloud with a sore thumb, Eli tested it out in the warm up and he along with boys were ready to go.
    We started slow for the second week in row and gave up the an early lead. Our pressure and tackling was great which was led by our starting ruckman Lewis with some strong tackles and the umpire was on point with holding the ball. We then kicked our first goal from I think Eddy and that boosted our confidence and we started to win more of the ball. Our backline held strong as the ball spent most of the time down there, Kyle getting his big boot to clear the area. Too many times we found ourselves not finding an opposition player which was frustrating to watch as Warwick kicked some easy goals. By halftime we were down by a couple of goals. At the long break we regrouped and with a shift of positions we took charge booting some great team goals, a highlight was a passage of play where Kyle won a contested ball, drew an opponent hand balled over to the speedster Jamie who took on a player “didn’t bounce” straightened and kick a goal. Cats leading at the last change. We encouraged to maintain the pressure and that we were good enough to win the ball and kick a winning score. It was a cracking last quarter end to end stuff, the captain Jackson slotted a cheeky one along with I think Kyle, apologies I missed a few scorers on the day. Down back Eli was inspirational with some desperate attempts to stop goals touching one through that was a certainty. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and we went down by less than a goal.
    The boys are not too far off, teamwork and playing for each other will get us over the line.
    See you all Wednesday

  • Round 1
    Kingsley Year 5 Cats V Carine Cougars
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Coaches Comments

    Firstly like to thank the parents for their support with roster duties. Well done Belinda Fitzpatrick supported well by Alana Cavanough and Kerri Duff Borthen. Cheers Mark Alison Fitt for keeping tabs on things and running the messages great job.
    The boys came switched on and focused, warm up was solid and we went in ready for the contest. We welcomed 3 new players, Eli, Jackson(Jack) and Hayden. It was a fairly scrappy start to the game with both sides finding their feet. Carine took control in the second qtr using good passages of play with linking hand passes and used the breeze which was starting to pick up. Tenzin, battled hard taking a few crucial marks stopping Carine moving forward. We regrouped at halftime and led by our captain, Eddy’s speech we came out firing in the 3rd qtr and really showed we have talent all over the ground if we work hard as a team. The cats poured on goals 2 to debutant Hayden, Jason and Harry combo in the middle was great, Harry broke the lines driving the ball constantly into the forward line. A big hit to Jason saw him leave the field still in one piece and we went into the last break with healthy lead. Spoke that it’s important the first 5 minutes to keep the pressure on, find your players in the backline. Well first 5 was good maybe should of told the whole qtr, from there Carine dominated the contested ball and found players open in their forward line and ran out winners.
    Some good individual efforts from Harry, Tenzin, Will battled hard using his strength and taking a couple of good grabs. Hayden battled hard rewarded with a couple of goals. Jackson read the play well repelling the ball when down back. Eddy very impressive with your leadership.
    We need to gel better as a team, hopefully it won’t take to long, we found ourselves trying to do all on our own. We aren’t going to win too many games playing like that. We will work on supporting each other looking for the free man running forward in space. Also taking leadership when we don’t have the ball making we are on a player. Separate note we were congratulated on our team spirit and sportsmanship from the other team. Well done...
    See you all at training, make sure you get your homework into me too thanks to those who have already.
    Bryan Coach Mr Miller