Results | Year 5 Kingsley Lions

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  • Round 4
    Kingsley Year 5 Lions V Stirling Saints
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Lachie - Best Player
    Jayden - Team Spirit
    Luke - Coach's Award
    Mason - 2
    Luke - 2
    Jayden - 2
    Coaches Comments

    A fired up Lions met the Stirling Saints at home this week and came ready to play. Following a solid week on the training track the boys were first to the ball all day and attacked the contest with some great determination. Good skills were on display with our passing and marking much better than we’ve been able to put together so far this season. Although there were several amazing personal efforts across the team this week our best performers were Luke Mitchell who played his forward roll perfectly today, Jayden Wilcocks who worked hard all day and Lachy Swinbourne who was tireless around the ball and gave plenty of second and third efforts to win the ball our way. Well done boys!

  • Round 3
    Kingsley Year 5 Lions V Sorrento Duncraig Hawks
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Luca B - Best Player Award
    Aiden - Team Spirit Award
    Mason - Coach's Award
    Luca B - 2
    Maon - 1
    Zayne - 1
    Jett - 1
    Coaches Comments

    The Lions met the Sorrento-Duncraig Hawks today at Seacrest Reserve and were slow out of the blocks for the Mothers Day clash. After some soul searching at quarter time the boys rallied in the second and the spirit shown lifted significantly. Mason Lyons showed true fighting spirit, tackling hard and giving second and third efforts which was eventually rewarded with a fantastic goal. Unfortunately there were few winners around the ground and the Lions were outclassed by the skilful Hawks. Aiden D’Amico continued his outstanding season giving everything until the final siren and Luca Bocsar showed his class with another good performance. We’ll hit the training track and look to turn things around next week.

  • Round 2
    Kingsley Year 5 Lions V Kingsley Leopards
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Best Player Award - Logan
    Team Spirit Award - Luca L
    Coach's Award - Harry
    Luca B (1)
    Coaches Comments

    The Lions met a very talented Kingsley Leopards team this week and were fired up early in the contest with some great tackling and intensity on the ball. Despite getting plenty of entry into the forward line we lacked conversion and weren’t able to get value for effort. The conditions led to some congestion around the ball, however the players from both sides acquitted themselves well, went in hard and were sensible in their tackling. The second half saw the Lions over run with quality use by the Leopards up forward. There were some great efforts, Harry Jones was strong in the packs, Luca L’Abbate found plenty of the ball and used it well and Logan Wilson fought hard all day.

  • Round 1
    Kingsley Year 5 Lions V Balga Bombers
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Best Player Award - Jayden
    Team Spirit Award - Kristian
    Coach's Award - Antonio
    Luca B (7)
    Jayden (3)
    Mitchell (2)
    Coaches Comments

    The Lions made their way to Barry Britton Reserve for their round 1 clash with the Balga Bombers and conditions were perfect for a great game. Whilst under-manned, the Bombers brought a fierce attack on the ball and the Lions responded to the challenge lifting their intensity on the ball and working as a team to win contested possessions. The mid-field were able to get on top of the clearances and use the ball well going into the forward line and as always the Lions tackling was ferocious. Jayden Wilcocks had a fantastic first game using his pace and strength to the team’s advantage and adding a few goals to the scoreboard. Kristian Pugh battled hard all day and heeded some coaching advice by moving the ball on quickly to his team mates which was great to see. Tony Franchina was another good performer who read the play well for the day and set up his team mates with good use of hand and foot. We look forward to next week’s game back at Kingsley Oval