Results | Year 6 Kingsley Cats

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  • Round 2
    Kingsley Year 6 Cats V Sorrento Duncraig Dolphins
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Blake Glover
    Jordan Young
    Kaiden Bidwell
    Mitchell Trimboli
    Bailey Brown
    Coaches Comments

    Tried hard against a well drilled team, had moments of great teamwork but largely a tough day out. Welcome and congrats on a good first up game to Kafil.

  • Round 1
    Kingsley Year 6 Cats V Kingsway Teal
    Best Players Goal Kickers
    Mitch Trimbolli
    Pat Fisher
    Nathan Green
    Mitch Trimbolli
    Kaiden Biswell
    Coaches Comments

    Good try from the kids today. They need to concentrate more on ball skills, manning up and working together.
    Thanks to the year 5 boys that helped us out, Ethan O'Brien, Ethan Murone and Adam Butchem.