Kingsley Junior Football Club

Welcome to the KJFC Managers Handbook
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Match Day Ground Check Procedure

You will be required to complete the “JLT Match Day Check List” under the following circumstances:

  • Your team is on setup at Kingsley and a committee member instructs you to complete the inspection and fill in the form.
  • You are the home team at Kingsley after the configuration has changed from three ovals to two.
  • You are the home team at a ground apart from Kingsley i.e Barridale or Moolanda Reserve.
  • You are the home team and conditions have changed dramatically as per the guidelines in the JLT Match Day Checklist.

Example: Strong winds/Heavy rain has changed the playing surface and spread debris on the field. In this case inspect field for dangerous footings, remove debris and fill out form

Please ensure you inspect any Public Toilets for foreign items and report to the City of Joondalup Ranger as needed (1300 655 860).

The primary rule is you should inspect and fill out the form when you are the home team and first team to play on a ground for the day OR when conditions have changed significantly.

Forms should then be placed in with the manager paper work or directly into the Registrars box by the canteen on the date of play.

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