Kingsley Junior Football Club

Welcome to the KJFC Managers Handbook
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Parent, Guardian & Players – Code of Conduct – Instructions

The Kingsley Junior Football Club is dedicated to fostering a secure, enjoyable, and delightful atmosphere for all participants, spectators, and officials. Every heart resonates with The Red and The Blue.

To uphold this positive environment, we kindly request that a representative from each family sign and submit the code of conduct on behalf of their family. It is the responsibility of the player’s parent/guardian to ensure that the player, family, and accompanying friends comprehend and abide by this code of conduct.

The team managers will be sending out the ‘Parent, Guardian Players – Code of Conduct’ document via email to each family before the start of the season. We kindly ask that every family carefully review the document and return it to the team manager, duly signed by at least one parent or guardian per family before the first round.

Once all forms have been returned, please save them in a designated file on your computer, holding them on behalf of the club. The Managers Coordinator may request the sheet when necessary.

Should you encounter any compliance issues with any family, please do not hesitate to contact the VP Football Affairs or President via email.

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